Saturday, April 01, 2017


When photographing candid photos, some call it street photography, I strive to capture a moment in time that not only speaks to me but also speaks to other viewers of my images.

To capture this scene I took two separate images. I then combined these two views into a single image in Photoshop. The reason for taking two separate images and not just a single image was because from where I was standing, and the lens I was using, I could not get the entire field of view in a single image. I chose instead to zoom in and take two images that when they were combined would contain the exact field of view I wanted but with much higher resolution and containing more detail than I could otherwise capture. I made my first two images then as I started to move to a better location one of the men stood up. That is the way it is with street photography. Always be prepared to capture the moment as soon as you see it. Do not wait to get to a better point of view because more often than not something will change and the moment will be lost forever.


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