Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mr. Toad

I have pictures of all sorts of creatures in my yard but this is the first one of Mr. Toad. He has been living in and around my pond since spring but every time I tried to get a picture he would scamper in under the stone work. Tonight I was feeding the fish and to my surprise he is so large he can't hide anymore. I went inside and got my camera and flash and captured this picture. Sorry for the harsh light but I wasn't sure how much flashing I could do before he took off on me. He doesn't look too impressed does he? He may not realize how lucky he is. Mr Snake who also lives in the rocks around the pond is a good size this year ( 3 feet or so) but I don't think he is large enough to devour him so for all intents Mr. Toad is safe....for now.


At July 28, 2006 6:39 PM, Anonymous Rule Thirds said...

Mr. Toad is HUGE! What a collection of critters you have in your yard. I don't know if I'd go out at night - snakes, toads, squirrels! It's your own wildlife preserve

By the way - nice picture you have of yourself over there! You look so professional - like an accountant or something. *grin*


At July 28, 2006 7:33 PM, Blogger Paul Wood said...

Hi Mrs Rule;

I was hoping no-one was watching that one. I was putting a picture on my profile and was having a tough time getting the image sized to less than 50 kb. What I needed to do was post an image, paste the link to it in my profle and then delete it. I guess I was a bit slow on the delete part eh???

Yes there are plenty of critters around here. If I ever get my macro lens I will have some really neat pictures to post. Mr snake is quite shy and I have pictures of him but he is always hidden in the grass or in the shadow of a rock. I don't want to hold him in one hand and take a picture with the other because he will nail me if I get distracted. I want you to know he is quite nasty if I pick him up and his teeth are very sharp. He (She) does not hesitate to strike at me too.


At August 12, 2006 4:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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