Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rothesay Yacht Club

It is with sadness I post the above two pictures. Since I got my first digital camera more than 5 years ago I have been coming to this place to take pictures. I have pictures taken in the spring, summer, winter and fall. I have pictures of sunsets, sunrises, fog, rain, snow, and sun drenched days. Many times I would sit here and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the area without taking a single picture. Sadly this fall everything changed and not for the better.

Do those in control of this area realize what an ugly and superfluous scar they have forced upon the dozens of people that come here daily to enjoy the once uncluttered scenery? I fear they may be blinded by the shroud of necessity and sadly are not able to consider the result of their thoughtless actions. These pictures may provide them pause for thought. I trust through these images they can see what all visitors to this place are forced to observe every time we come here to visit.


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