Saturday, November 11, 2006

Last of the fall colors???

This afternoon I went looking for what little remaining fall color there was and found some just down the road. You should have seen the strange looks I got as people drove past me. I bet they were wondering what I could possibly find to photograph in a messy old ditch.

Picture #3 and #4 are of the same bush. Picture #4 is a combination of three images I took at the same time. The first is the same as #3, the other two were taken out of focus by varying amounts. Obviously I used a tripod and had to wait for a moment when the wind was really calm. The three images were then blended and adjusted in Photoshop. Color saturation in #4 was reduced just a little. I felt it was necessary because the blending action has made the colors to be super saturated. Some people like the effect others don't.

Some of my camera club friends call me an old Phart (Photo Artist). I take it as a compliment.


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