Friday, March 23, 2012

This month's camera club competition - Nature.

March 29 2012 - My tree image did not do well in the competition. One judge even went to so far as to suggest it didn't really represent "Nature". Hmm, what am I missing? I thought an interesting cloudy sky, a lone spruce tree on a hill, some snow on the field with the remains of vegetation poking out of the snow, and if you look very close in the sky on the right there are at least two birds flying in the sky, would strongly suggest Nature. I guess I need to go back to Nature School.

I usually enter each monthly competition our camera club has and all in all I have done quite well. I took the picture of the tree specifically for the competition this past Saturday. I went back in my archives for one from Hurricane Irene on August 29th of last year for the second entry.


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