Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Odds and Ends - #2

I do not believe these have been posted here before. They have been in my bolg post box for some time and today seems like a good time to post them.

#1 - Rita and I saw these flowers in Kings Square, Saint John, after mid July shower.

#2 - Sunset reflection in the clouds from St Andrews Kirk cemetery. One of these days I plan to brighten the tombstones and repost.

#3 - Black and white picture of an old house in Rothesay from June 4th. The color version was posted here a while back.

#4 - Sail boat at Meenan's Cove, August 16th. I can't seem to get enough sunset pictures.

#5 - Meenan's Cove reflections. My daughter and I were out taking pictures in mid June and this is one of the pictures I took.


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