Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tonight's Sunset

On the way home from visiting my son, I stopped in Hampton to take this sunset picture. It is actually a composite of three images exposed 1 stop apart. Image 1 over exposed 1 stop (5 seconds), Image 2 normal exposure (10 seconds), and Image 3 under exposed 1 stop (20 seconds). I think it turned out okay. Too bad about the street light in the foreground. The only problem with long exposures is anything that moves looks soft. There was a breeze that caused some tree movement but the most problem I had was movement of the moon. The total length of time from the start of the first image until the last image was taken was 50 seconds. This permitted the moon to move a noticable amount.

Oh, you did the math and I made a mistake? I forgot to mention I had noise reduction turned. That doubles the time the moon has to move across the sky. The first image was exposed for 5 seconds and then noise reduction took another 5 seconds before I could take the second image, and so-on. The time of the last image is not doubled is it?


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