Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Early This Morning (December 17th) Revised

Here are more sunrise pictures, including two that were posted earlier. I was having some difficulty getting the colors and contrast in the images I posted the other day to match what I was experiencing when I took the pictures. I bracketed the pictures and merged them using HDR in Photoshop but that, to me, left a lot to be desired. Finally I choose the picture with the best exposure, opened it with Nikon Capture 4, jumped to Photoshop and made minor adjustments to the shadows and highlights. Much more pleasing. They were so different I had to post them again.

I realize I do not have the high dynamic range I had before but I much prefer having the the more accurate colors. When I get time I will revisit HDR and see where I went wrong. That will have to be a day when I don't have dozens of projects on my plate.


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